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Cloud Storage And How To Easily Share Files With WeEDIT
WeEDIT | 9 January

It’s not hard to imagine why cloud storage is the future. Think of all of the photos, videos, movies, songs, and documents you have saved somewhere on your computer or an external hard drive. Has the amount of storage you need increased in the past decade? Chances are that it has. If you’re anything like us, the promise of saving storage on your computer without compromising all of your stuff sounds like amazing.
Besides reducing the strain on local storage, cloud storage provides instant access to stored materials and the ability to share from anywhere. Keeping files in the cloud helps with collaboration and provides trusty emergency backup. Perhaps best of all, It also makes use of services like WeEDIT a breeze. We encourage our users to share their videos and photos through the cloud storage service of their choice, as it makes their communication with us faster and more efficient.
A wide variety of cloud storage options are currently available to all kinds of customers. Although the main purpose of the cloud is remote storage and access from multiple devices, many services offer additional features as well. Stuff like the amount of free storage, the ability to edit files within the service, syncing, different levels of encryption, etc., make cloud storage even more easy and convenient.
We have compiled a list of some popular cloud storage services that go well with WeEDIT, allowing for easy sharing and editing of large files and folders containing numerous videos and photos. For more instruction on how to share files from the specific cloud, follow links provided after each description. Just remember to get a link that shares your files and paste it into the “Input Materials” tab on the “New Project” page on our site. We hope this helps you get all of your photos and videos under control, and ready for a great WeEDIT project!

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Introducing Custom Projects: Great Videos No Matter How You Want Them
WeEDIT | 11 May

When launching WeEDIT, we had a specific vision in mind: making edited video clips the photo albums of the 21st century. A big part of that vision was creating an easy and direct user experience. As a result, we created a streamlined checkout process where the price was calculated instantly as more photos or videos were added to the project. The added ability to choose accompanying music gave birth to our most popular format – a short, fun, “video album”.

We’re happy to say that we created many great videos within this format. But soon enough, we began to receive customer requests for videos in different formats. Some videos were to be used for business purposes, others needed to be much longer (up to 30 minutes!). Some required relatively simple editing – putting the logo on it or blurring certain images – and some were very ambitious and required engagement of creative directors. We needed a way to accept – and fulfill -requests that didn’t fall within our standard format.

Being sensitive to our customers’ needs meant that we had to introduce a new kind of project – a ‘custom’ video. Unlike our short-and-sweet standard videos, it doesn’t come with an instant pricing. Instead, we collect the requirements and the raw footage, manually review it, and respond with the best possible price within 24 hours. Once the customer has a quote, the checkout is as painless, and the quality is just as good.

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Why Video Editing is the Next Big Thing
WeEDIT | 28 March

Videos are everywhere. The Internet is stuffed with footage, with more being taken, shared, and viewed each year. Facebook has reported that “The number of video posts per person has increased 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S.” , and the Pew Research Center states that “the percent of American adult internet users who upload or post videos online has doubled in the past four years, from 14% in 2009 to 31% [in 2013]”. The proliferation of video-recording cameras into phones, drones, bike helmets, and more allows for anyone, anywhere to create footage. Finally, major social media platforms that didn’t really have video in their DNA—like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—are now thoroughly adopting the format.

However, quality of footage has yet to catch up to the sheer quantity we encounter on a daily basis. Unlike photos, where you can pick the few you’d like to keep and delete the rest, videos are harder to manage. The majority of raw video is still filler, like out of focus shots, scenes where nothing is happening, or just something you’d like to cut out and forget. Increasingly, video editing is becoming a necessary skill to have, lest you end up with a heap of raw footage accumulated through the years that makes you anxious any time you think of it.

It is then not surprising to find that “video editing” related searches have gone up steadily over the years. Additionally, the software industry is actively trying to respond to booming demand. For instance, Google Play has about 28,000 apps in ‘video players and editors category’. The sheer number of companies founded to help with video editing has increased as well.

So what options do people have when it comes to video editing? As it stands, there are three ways to have your videos edited:

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Love In The Air: Remember All The Good Times This Valentine’s Day With WeEDIT
WeEDIT | 31 January

Another Valentine’s Day… another day of dinner, cards, and flowers. If it’s your first Valentine’s Day with someone, this classic formula can be a great time. If you’ve shared a few already, you’ll be sure to find new and exciting ways to share romantic moments with your loved one. Either way, Valentine’s Day can be one of the most memorable days of your life, not to mention a milestone occasion for your relationship.

Just like Valentine’s Day flowers, the memories wilt away after a week or two. As much as you’d like to remember every detail, they tend to slip away bit by bit. Nowadays, we help the situation by taking a lot of photos and videos. But after you store them all in a computer folder or Facebook album, it can seem like a chore to go through them and find your favorites. Fortunately, we can help.

With WeEDIT, you can simply upload all of your footage that you’ve taken together (we know you have lots of it) and we’ll make a short, fun, exciting video for you! Summarize and immortalize the times spent together with something that you’ll want to watch and share over and over! Imagine looking back at your memories years down the line, and remembering them as if they happened yesterday. That is a Valentine’s Day present that not only shows your romantic side, but also speaks volume of your thoughtfulness and creativity. A proposition hard to resist…

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The Holidays Are Over, But You Can Keep The Memories Alive
WeEDIT | 30 December

Well, it’s finally over. We decorated our homes, went through miles of wrapping paper, and got together to celebrate this holiday season. I hope everyone received what they wished for and enjoyed celebrating with friends and loved ones. I also hope that everyone was able to get lots of great footage during the holidays, because turning that footage into a video with WeEDIT is an awesome idea!

It can be hard to get back into our daily routines after the holidays. Whether it’s back to work, school, or whatever usual schedule you follow, it can seem a bit joyless. In fact, many people admit to carrying over a holiday hangover into the new year. Even in the months of, say, March, or even May, the upcoming holiday season and all the joys it brings can seem hopelessly far away.

Fortunately, we believe we have a cure for the post-holiday blues! Making a fun video clip out of all of the photos and videos that you (and the rest of your friends and family) took is the perfect way of reliving the great times. Surprise your loved ones with the video and bring the holiday joy to them once more. You’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll want to watch over and over again, until you look up and realize that the next holiday season isn’t so far away anymore.

The holiday season may be over, but you can keep the memories alive for a long time to come with WeEDIT!

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Say Goodbye To The Greeting Card: Make An Amazing Year In Review Video With WeEDIT!
WeEDIT | 24 November


We’ve all been there – another holiday season, another greeting card batch with “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” written on them. Customized using the services of Shutterfly or other printing companies, we receive them from friends, coworkers and distant family members alike. As much as we like to be thought of, it seems like we have little idea about what to do with them after the season passes. On a back of our minds, the main question lingers: nice as they are, aren’t greeting cards just an epic waste of paper, time and resources?

Even if that were the case, what is an alternative to greeting cards? Well, what if you could use all the photos and mini-videos that you and your family have taken throughout the year to make a short and sweet “year in review” video? What if it was easy to share through email and social media, store on your computer, and watch years later to recap the highlights of the years past? Wouldn’t that be great?

We may be a bit biased here, but personally, we LOVE the idea. And we’re here to help you create your masterpiece. WeEDIT makes it easy to share your photos and videos, pick an accompanying tune (if you want), and specify the exact length of your final video.

Perhaps the most surprising part is this: The cost of your video is around the same as a custom holiday card. In many cases, the price is even cheaper when factoring in the cost of sending them out.

So the question remains: shouldn’t we all go all in on ‘Year in Review’ videos? Let’s review the evidence and find out:

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Don’t Feel Like Worrying About Music In Your Video? You Don’t Have To!
WeEDIT | 15 October


In the past, we’ve expressed the importance of picking the right tune for your video. “Great footage still goes a long way, but a soundtrack is needed to take your video to the next level”, I wrote in an earlier blog post about the subject. We still believe in that 100%, but we’ve noticed that some of our customers are not sure what that soundtrack should be.

If you think you might be one of those customers, I have some good news for you: you can now leave the song selection to us. Our editors will use the YouTube Audio Library, which has a wide selection of tunes, to find music for every occasion. You should still strive towards finding the perfect song for your perfect video, but if nothing comes to mind (or if music is simply not that important to your project), just let us know and we will do the work of hunting it down.

It’s important to keep a couple things in mind when going with this option. First, you would be opting to go with something that is pretty neutral. That might not be an issue because in some cases, music that is too expressive can eclipse the footage in the video. Second, during the first cut revision it is usually not possible to change the song. Since our editors sync up the footage and effects to the music, changing it would mean…

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It Takes A Village: Combining Shared Footage Into One Video
WeEDIT | 25 August

So far, this blog has been operating under the assumption that the footage the final video is comprised of come from one source. On one hand, if you’re a couple of parents on a family vacation, one of you slips into the role of documenter while the other focuses on keeping the kids from running away. But what if your kids are actually teenagers, equipped with smartphones and not shy about pulling up the camera? What if instead of a family vacation, you’re on an adventure with friends or at a get-together with the relatives, all of whom have their own moments they want to record? The more you think about, the more it becomes apparent that WeEDIT projects have a good chance to include photos and videos taken by different people.

What is the easiest way to organize this? Of course, you could collect the materials from everyone by giant email threads or tiny thumb drives, but there is a better way:

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WeEDIT Can Help you Make Your Vacation Complete. You’ll Thank Us Later.
WeEDIT | 7 July

You’ve just come back from an amazing vacation full of impressions and memories. Whether it was a lazy beach getaway with your kids, an action-packed adventure with your friends, or even a trip across a continent alone, chances are that you spent a good amount of time documenting the experience with tons of photos and videos.

As you settle back into your daily routine, you notice that, just like the tan line you returned with, the memories of your trip start to fade. You’d love to revisit the memories and your friends and family are curious to check out your adventures, but all you have to show is an unsightly pile of raw footage. So what can you do? You can dump it onto Facebook, where it will sit largely unseen as most giant albums do. You can go through everything yourself, but that leads to much debating about which photos to keep and which to delete and constant cutting up videos to preserve the moments of action laying in between oceans of inactivity. Of course, you have a better option: let WeEDIT help.

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You Talk, We Listen: How We Make WeEDIT Better For You
WeEDIT | 2 June

At WeEDIT, we strive to stay the market leader in the most important category for us: making it easy for our users to order videos online.

We provide by far the most user-friendly, streamlined experience to our users by offering these exclusive key features:

Price and delivery date calculator – Our users know exactly how much the editing will cost and when the final video will be delivered; nobody else in the market can say the same.

Instant price recalculation – Our users can see how any of their individual photos or videos affect the price and can make and can use it to maximize the materials within their price range. We are unrivaled here once again – and proud of it.

Full integration with top cloud storages – If you have your footage in Dropbox or Google Drive, ordering a video editing on our side will literally take under 5 minutes. We also have full integration with Google Photos.

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They Grow Up So Fast: Preserving The Memories Of Your Child’s First – And Every – Year
WeEDIT | 19 April

One of the most popular categories of videos requests that we receive is “Baby’s First Year”. They are usually among the cutest videos we create, and they are almost guaranteed to be LOVED by the customers. I have always wondered, though: why do we focus so much on the first year in particular?

Surely, newborns grow a lot in their first year. Their eyes open, their hands grasp your fingers, they smile back at you. They begin to crawl, maybe even walk and talk. They just change so fast that we hardly notice developmental changes over the course of the entire year, and unfortunately a lot of memories fade away amazingly fast. If you’ve had a second child, you might know this phenomena – struggling to remember how it was with the first one, even if it was just a couple of years ago.

In the past, we’d have special photo albums to document the changes, but with the video cameras we carry in our pockets now, we can do so much better. WeEDIT can absolutely help in distilling the best moments from the countless videos of all lengths that we make of our little ones. Capturing the sounds, the movement, the emotions – all of these things will ensure that you will never forget your baby’s first year.

Someone said that the first two years of life are the most important. Doesn’t it make sense that we should document them?

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How Your Memories Define Who You Are – And How To Start Being In Charge Of Them
WeEDIT | 31 March

By now, I hope all of my readers have seen the Oscar-winning movie Inside Out. If you somehow have not, I highly recommend you get around to it – not only because it is beautiful and entertaining, but also because you can read this blog post without being spoiled. Inside Out deals with memories and the emotions that shape them. Specifically, it profiles Riley, a young girl who is going through many significant changes in her life which affect the memories she makes throughout the film.

Where Inside Out shines is its fun metaphorical portrayal of how memories influence a person’s personality. Riley’s formative personality is comprised of a handful of “islands” – such as Hockey Island, Goofball Island, and Family Island. She loves hockey because she holds a trove of happy memories of playing hockey, and she is a goofball who loves her family for that same reason.

There are numerous works in the field of neuroscience and psychology which emphasize the role of our memories in who we are. For instance, as Susan Susan Krauss Whitbourne states, we perceive our existence through putting together a “life story” which is linked by a series of key memories. Every key memory is a stepping stone which constructs the path of our lives and leads us our current sense of self.

Memories also serve a practical role in our lives, and have done so for as long as we have existed. According to Elizabeth Kensinger, we actually remember negative memories with much more detail than positive ones. It makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, when we consider that we needed to remember dangerous and detrimental events to make sure not to repeat them. Nowadays, with many immediate threats eliminated from our day-to-day, we can afford to focus on remembering the good times and have a more well-rounded memory than our distant ancestors.

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Sounds Like a Blast: The Importance of Music in Your Video
WeEDIT | 5 February

Have you ever found yourself with headphones on, doing everyday activities to the beat of the music? Have you ever been on a long ride, looking out the window as the music seamlessly intertwines with the view? We often find ourselves in these moments where it seems like we’re in a music video, but how great would it be to actually find yourself in one? Well, with WeEDIT you can be the actor, director, and producer of your own. At first thought, it may seem that all you really need for making a great video is a great collection of photos and videos. In the days before video editing, you had nothing else to sweat if all you did was put together a photo album. However, a video adds a whole new factor to the equation. Sure, great footage still goes a long way, but a soundtrack is needed to take your video to the next level.

A good soundtrack choice sets the tone and controls the pace of the video. For instance, if you went on a vacation to Mexico, it would make obvious sense to add a Mexican song. However, vacations come in all shapes, and we can break our choices down even further. If you spent your time exploring the wilderness and visiting historical ruins, it would be a good idea to match your footage up with traditional Mexican music. On the other hand, if your vacation consisted of relaxing, pampering, and partying, then a modern Mexican pop song might be more appropriate.

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The Professions of The Future (and Why Video Editing is One of Them)
WeEDIT | 9 October

If you’ve ever watched Her, you’ll remember the depiction of a society in the near future where technology has creeped into its every aspect. The tech in the film, however, is not so much in the form of jetpacks, hoverboards or other imaginations ripped straight from a science fiction cartoon. Instead, Her (in my opinion is the most accurate depiction of the future we’ve seen from the film industry) portrays technology as much more personal, customized around every facet of the future citizen’s life. In this version of the future, your phone holds a conversation with you. Your video game literally envelops you into its world.

Which is why the profession of the protagonist, Theodore Twombly, is so important to the film. Theodore – played wonderfully by Joaquin Phoenix – is a professional writer who conjures letters of love, sympathy, gratitude, and other deeply personal feelings on the behalf of others. He is in fact just one of many employees in a company that specializes in writing these letters.

Why is this relevant to WeEDIT? Well, as artificial intelligence captures more and more areas of human activities, we can’t help but ask ourselves – what will people do in future? Once truck drivers are replaced by self-driving trucks and cashiers are replaced by self-checkout machines, which jobs will be there to replace them?

I believe that the professions out of reach for AI (at least in the conceivable future) will be those requiring emotional capabilities. Before reaching that level, robots will have to master mimicking human abilities in performing relatively routine activities, giving humankind an opportunity to keep themselves busy. As Her shows through Theodore’s career, human beings are still needed to convey human emotions in a world where technology can do almost everything else.

Teaching robots to be human is still very much in the domain of science fiction. Algorithm-based video editing will never be able to compete with human editors – anyone who’s tried one of those services knows exactly what I’m talking about.

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Move Over, Photo Albums: Preserving Memories In The 21st Century
WeEDIT | 1 September

Many of us have done this before: you come back from a vacation boasting an extensive catalog of photos detailing your memories. You can’t wait to show everything to your family and friends; you know that you’ve captured every great moment. You print them and fill a photo album – one that will sit on your shelf only to be occasionally browsed by dinner guests.

Digital photography enabled businesses like Shutterfly to thrive. Millions used their services to capture the most memorable moments in their lives (assuming they didn’t just dump the photos straight into Facebook). I was a regular customer myself – putting together albums for vacations, my children’s birthdays, and other significant events… until I realized that even the best pictures in the best frames simply did not paint the full picture in our memories.

Why should we limit our memories to photos? We increasingly move to video in many aspects – we spend hours watching videos on Vine, Snapchat, and YouTube, and we constantly shoot videos on our smartphones ourselves. “Video is the new photo!” is the sentiment that echoes through the tech industry. Our lives are in motion, so why not capture it? Why not add sound, while we’re at it? A short musical clip can be way more descriptive of our recent vacation than a set of pictures, not to mention have a larger viewership potential than that photo album you keep on the shelf.

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